If a single ended 5 watt amp aint enough grunt, then the GT18(watt) 'Paydirt' circuit may just offer what you crave. The GT18 'Paydirt' is a cathode biased, 2 x EL84 output tube, circuit in push-pull. The tone is ball-park JCM800 with some very distinct advantages. The GT18 'Paydirt' has switchable clean/crunch channels both of which have their own input triodes in addition to their own dedicated gain pots. The GT18 'Paydirt' also contains the active Treble/Mid/Bass Baxandall tone-stack circuit found in the GT5 amps.


The GT18 'Paydirt' has bucket loads of gain with a clean channel that is both chimey and decidedly non-flubby. The clean channel gain pot starts to gently break up at about noon, so you can take it beyond the brink when needed. The crunch channel provides the GT18 'Paydirt' with warm distortion and an abundance of 2nd order harmonics. The dedicated gain pot of the crunch channel, coupled with a tone-stack full of generous sweeps, enables you to easily dial in your signature overdrive tone.


With EL84 output tubes and a 'cold clipped' preamp, I guess you could envisage this amp lying somewhere between a Vox and a Marshall, however a 'Voxhall' it is not. It