If you want to build your first simple 2 channel tube amp, then you cant do much better than W.I.S.C S5 Turbo/Diesel Mark I. W.I.S.C stands for ‘Wolf In Sheeps Clothing’ and this lone wolf roams in a pack of one. The W.I.S.C S5 Turbo/Diesel Mark I is a MV (Master Volume), switchable, two channel (clean/crunch), single ended tube amp. In addition, so you don’t have to muck around, it has the convenience of a single guitar input. It also includes the Turbo/Diesel switch providing you with a little bit of tonal variation when you need it. 




The W.I.S.C S5 Turbo/Diesel Mark I full plans pack includes 12 items: 

• a schematic/circuit, 

• detailed layout diagrams accomodating for either a 120v or 240v mains primary, 

• a detailed turret board layout, 

• a key for the colour coded turrets,

• a transformer cable termination guide,

• chassis layout diagrams of both top view and bottom view, 

• a front and rear chassis panel layout, 

• schematic codes, and 

• a resource item list. 


Don’t be fooled, however, by the relatively small size of the W.I.S.C S5 Turbo/Diesel Mark I, as the bite of this little amp is bigger than its bark. The crunch channel, with three stages of gain, is controlled via a dedicated potentiometer. Hit the Turbo switch, engage the cathode film capacitor, and compress your guitar signal into a modern, aggressive overdrive. Flick the switch down to the Diesel mode and coast into Blues-Ville courtesy of a nice 25uf electrolytic capacitor. The Turbo/Diesel switch also applies to the – two gain stage – clean channel, providing you with that little bit of extra sparkly smoothness. 


The W.I.S.C S5 Turbo/Diesel Mark I Full Plans pack is designed for those who always wanted to build a tube amp but didn’t know where to begin. To make things a heck of a lot easier, I’ve included a pretty comprehensive video series of the building of this amp, in addition to the GT5 Halcyon, so you really have no excuses. Check out the Blog page for theory that's a little bit different. 

W.I.S.C S5 Mark I Full Plans Pack